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A winters tale :iconryzakier:Ryzakier 137 7
A winter's tale (tribute to Alex and Feuer)
A cold, gentle rain of snowflakes
falling in front
of our small cave.
The mountains, all around
demarcate our little
where peace reigns
in a world which knows
nothing but war.
This beautiful scenario
is meant to comfort
both of us,
so that we can ignore
what is going on
over those lovely peaks.
In here there is no one but us;
in here there is no one who's going
to make us fight each other.
In here we're both free to be friends.
The snowflakes on our shoulders
make us shiver with cold;
both of us search for some relief
on our two bodies' heat,
and in your inner fire.
A heat that comes from only
a family that loves you,
just like you used to have
and I have never had.
Your soul makes me forget
all that I was not given in my past;
you gave me all I missed.
Meanwhile, your affectionated muzzle
confirms that
you're just feeling the same.
Now we both stand in front of our small cave,
while looking at the snow
that settles peacefully up to the ground.
This lovely view is just
:iconrandomvangloboii:RandomVanGloboii 4 6
Universal declaration of dragon rights
The following paper aims at establishing the basic principles of realtionship between mankind and dragonkind. Any affair internal to dragon society shall be regulated by dragons in complete autonomy.
Dragons are intelligible creatures and integral part of the world. All dragons are born free and equal in dignity and rights like humans. Dragons and humans are able not only to coexist, but to do so in a spirit of brotherhood.
All dragons have the right to be treated by men neither like pets, nor livestock, nor humans.
All dragons have the right to establish themselves wherever they feel comfortable, as long as it does not create discomfort to humans.
All dragons have the right not to be taken out of their inhabitation by humans. In particular, they may not be forced to leave for making a human structure, whose construction has not been still approved by local law, be built
All dragons have the right to own material goods and property, in a
:iconrandomvangloboii:RandomVanGloboii 14 31
Chronicles of Orthen: Chapter 1: Portal
The drake stalked through the sparse underbrush, silent as a panther as his amber eyes focused hungrily on the unsuspecting animal before him. The young yale was separated from its herd, bleating in fear and confusion as its tail swished uncertainly. The dun creature snorted and stamped, ears flicking forward as it suddenly went still. The dragon, Orthen, tensed, muscles rippling beneath his pine-green scales as he crouched, power building in his limbs. Then the yale, whirled, bleating in fear as the long strands of hair in its mane and tail streamed behind it. The dragon leapt in pursuit, growling in annoyance. He should have taken the approach from the south, where the foliage was denser.
The yale dipped and dodged through the trees, using its smaller stature and nimble feet to plunge through the tighter gaps in the trunks in an attempt to throw the dragon off. A few times it made such sharp turns that the dragon was forced to stumble as he tried to keep his footing in pursuit, and o
:iconroferys:RofErys 1 2
The Dragon Of Rohan: Chapter 1: Part 1
Mesca shook her head vigorously and opened her eyes. The wide black slashes of her pupils contracted within their red irises. Like needles or thin black razor edges in the face of light they held the menace of her predatory nature in their simple forms. Her clear third eyelids slid upward to cover the crimson orbs in a moist protective film. Her nostrils, set in a narrow tapering muzzle, flared as the scent came again, the hated stench of her kind’s greatest enemy. She snarled softly, gray-white lips parting to reveal sharp ivory teeth, glistening in the late afternoon light. The darker, gray fur of her mane stood erect as the teasing breeze became a gust, bringing the sharp mountain air into her nostrils.
The dragoness shuffled her wings, turning partly to the side to gaze at her companion, a glacial blue dragoness more than twice her size, hide crossed with pale, twisting scars that spoke of brutal conflict. Her teeth clicked as Mesca spoke, "Do you smell that Hannot? That scen
:iconroferys:RofErys 1 0
Dreaming dragons :iconmilicaclk:MilicaClk 209 12 Inheritance in a nutshell :iconrandomvangloboii:RandomVanGloboii 4 14
The Dragon Ranch. Chapter 1: A Normal Day
The Dragon Ranch
Chapter 1: A normal Day
This is my first official story, so please cut me some slack. (P.S. I come from Germany, so excuse the grammar errors, I tried to limit the number of them)
It is a normal day..., it is always a normal day. Oh, maybe I should explain what a normal day means to me. I am Dion and I am an 17 year old Dragon. What, did you think this story would be about ponies? Well it isn't.
I should also explain how I look, I have crimson red scales, I am 4 meters high and 10 meters long, my horns are around 50 centimeters long, my chest plate is a slightly darker shade of red, my wings are webbed and the webbing has a slightly darker shade of red too, I have three clawed toes and one thumb on each of my four scaled legs. I am quadrupled, that means I walk on all fours, my muzzle is rounded and I have green, blue, brown eyes. But sadly I can't talk and that is how I have gotten into this mess of a life I am in right now.
Because I now live on a dragon ranch,
:icondionje5:Dionje5 6 10
Dragon Farm :iconazany:Azany 156 10
The dragon says sorry to the princess
The dragon flies to the courtyard
with a nice bouquet of flowers,
he lands in front of the princess,
smiling he gives them to her.
The princess is so confused,
to see 'n front of her the creature
that took her away from home
a so great amount of times.
"How dare you come, evil monster
here where I live with my parents?
Did you forget all those stories
where you took me as hostage?
What's now your purpose of coming
with these ridiculous flowers?
I'm tired of playing the girl to save:
go away and never come back!"
The dragon lowers his head
and embarassed says to her:
"I'm sorry for what those writers
had made me do to you; but
now the times have deeply changed
and the writers have changed me,
I'm no more an evil creature:
they make me want to love you.
I tell you that on these days
I gave up eating you humans,
and I now live in new stories
where I do get bonded with you.
The writers now do not see me
as a creature to be slain,
but a creature to be loved;
I just wanted to inform you."
:iconrandomvangloboii:RandomVanGloboii 6 12
You stand on my old friend :iconspoonfishlee:SpoonfishLee 10,263 1,186
Adopted by a dragon
He's sleeping peacefully
resting his little head
upon my black forepaw,
a smile of content in his mouth.
My yellow eyes,
each one bigger than his hands,
look at him,
so young and fragile,
and still heartbroken.
Oh, I remember
the day when I had first found him,
he was so afraid and confused,
and how blame him?
He had just lived
the greatest tragedy
a child could live,
regardless of his race...
but I just offered
my paws to him.
Slowly, but constantly
he accepted me:
and now he lives with me.
My inner conscience torments me
every day,
and asks me if I had done the right thing,
take him away from what is his own race,
and make him live among the ones
who were their enemies,
who hide their life from the rest of the world.
He will not fly when he has grown,
he'll be forever smaller
than all the rest of us.
Did I condemn him to a life
of being put in dispart?
O by the flames, if only I knew.
Meanwhile the first rays of the sun
trespass our cave:
it is time to wake up.
I gently muzzle my sma
:iconrandomvangloboii:RandomVanGloboii 8 4
Dragons Pt1 Ch1
   Well if Dragons really do exist, they are very clever; like the Sasquatch with adapting and hiding. Or have they all died off because of human meddling, or because of the lack of mercy that we show as a species? No one will ever know the answer for sure, unless someone decides to dig through all the folklore.
The idea or prospect of Dragon's existing was very major for one girl who always dreamed about finding the necessary evidence of Dragon's existing. Her main goal in life was to find the Dragons alive one day, if possible. Rather than being a pilot, or a normal functional everyday person. So by forcing the girl to push her dreams and goals aside while in school seemed like a very good thing at the time to everyone around her.
~August 21, 2014~
"Another sighting of the giant squid; that the deep sea instrument Medusa had seen earlier this year has been spotted once more. Off of the coasts of the remote islands to the north of Japan, a small group of fishermen fi
:iconmikidawn577:MikiDawn577 2 3
What does not kill Chara... :iconrandomvangloboii:RandomVanGloboii 18 5 High-Tech [SPEEDPAINT] :iconsoulsplosion:Soulsplosion 163 31


I've never drawn fruits, so I drew a dragon instead. 
This pear bites harder than its wingless cousin. It lives off high-flying birds and the occasional unwary knight. 

I dare you to enter!
It's a fair game: no weighed dices, no opaque machines that eat your coins... only pieces of gold for pieces of chess.
What would be easier way to get rich? Just challenge an old lizard to a battle of minds...


This time I decided not to be lazy. 
It took more time than anything I've drawn before and it's as good as I can make it. 
I also learned why people make so big pictures; chess pieces are hard to get right when they are only a few pixels wide... 
Now that I know the basics of how to draw things the next step will be learning composition and planning. Adding and moving things after almost everything is done makes things harder than they should be... 

Made with Paint.NET and a cheap gaming mouse. 

Dragon transformation application form of the Dragon Human Association

[To the application]

Dragon transformation application form
I got the idea for this from :iconrandomvangloboii:'s story "Who wants to be a dragon?"
Having an online form like this in the story wouldn't be fun, but it would make the applying process much faster by filtering out all those who have no idea what they really want (and make the funnier part of the story impossible). 
All answers are saved to my google drive. If you don't want your answer to be identifiable, don't use any name that can be easily connected to you. Once there's more data collected, I intend to publish some statistics.
EDIT 2017-02-09: After a way too long time offline, the form is now redesigned.
Deviant Art 16 years
Simple enough, use paint bucket tool and fill all the shapes!
It's simple, but not as easy as it first looked. Some of those shapes really ruined my original plan. The end result is an abstract mess of semi-random colors... 
If I did this again, I'd first take inspiration from the shapes and see what's possible with this template before starting.
Forest dragon
A green dragon in a green forest, "hiding" behind a tree trunk. 
It's better that my last submission, but when I look at it I notice things I could have done better... but I'm loo lazy to fix them now. 
At least it's easy to improve to my next piece of "art". :P


Ferrum95's Profile Picture
I'm a Finnish software engineer. My interests include logical algorithms, science and technology... you know, harsh reality, and to balance that... dragons.

Why dragons?
They are so versatile in all forms of art. They can be evil monsters that the hero must slay to save the princess or they can be little angels protecting the princess from evil knights, or anything in between.
Usually the more intelligent dragons also bring new perspectives to the human world. Even including dragons in a story often forces the writer or artist to think how a completely different specie would see the world.

My own art may be a little better than average engineer's (at least from what I've seen) but I'm not a very talented artist and will probably never be one. I try to learn a bit here and there but my other interests (software and games) are the priority and any progress will be slow.

While I won't contribute much on the art side, I read a lot of stories and try to leave comments to interesting ones that I find.



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